TSAKIRIS FAMILY AE is a family company. It is considered as the development of EGGS OF NEOCHOROUDA TSAKIRIS. Located in Neochorouda, Thessaloniki,the main scope of the firm was the production and the distribution of fresh eggs in the market of Thessaloniki. In 1988, the second generation took over the company. It has gradually extended the distribution network and since the late 90’s, it has served all the region of Macedonia. In 2005, the third generation takes an active part in the field. The family decides to invest in brand equity products and initiates a series of investments in special breeding (organic farming, free-range, Omega-3 eggs). At the same time, the distribution network is expanding more. Therefore, it can currently serve orders from all over Greece, within 24 hours.

Our philosophy

Having as an asset the reliable quality of our products, our persistence from one generation to the next is to gain loyal consumers. Even today, the key for permanence is quality. A competitive benefit of our products, through our experience and modern equipment, is that we have succeeded in stabilizing our quality in excellent levels, while making an effort to offer them in the most competitive prices. Meanwhile, we have always managed to offer our consumers a full range of products that is available and sufficient in the shelves of all stores. Our orientation is to maintain our constant and non-negotiable quality.

2014: A year- milestone

2014 is a year- milestone EGGYPLAY, a brand new product which combines egg-the most complete food- with game –package is like Lego toy bricks-, is launched in market exclusively by our company in order to reconcile children with eggs. In the meantime, the company TSAKIRIS EGGS AE is renamed TSAKIRIS FAMILY AE and the expansion of activities in other foods starts. In addition, Le Petit Déjeuner, a new brand of breakfast cereals, is generated and during the second semester of 2014, it starts to gain its position in the Greekmarket.

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