In stores, all the eggs must be packed. Both in large and in small packages they must obligatorily include a mark stamped on the egg itself that contains necessary information parts:
- The code number of the egg production center.
- The type of quality and size.
- The number of the eggs included in the package.
- The date of minimum preservation (28 days after the date of laying).
- The mark EXTRA means that the eggs are of 9 daysmaximum since the laying. The sale of eggs in bulk in small numbers, directly fromthe producer to the market –after the permit of the competent authorities-, is exceptionally allowed.


Eggs are ranked among the best and the fullest foods along with milk. Rich in nutrients, they are considered as an affordable, valuable aliment for the human system.
Eggsare the gift of nature…In our life…
The egg is composed of:
• The shell
• The albumen or white
• The yolk


• Inorganic compounds 94,5%
• Water 1,5%
• Collagen (organic compound) 4%
• It also includes lecithin, cholesterol and enzymes
The color of the shell may vary from white to brown depending on the chicken breed (brown chicken- brown egg, white chicken-white egg). The shell is porous and penetrable by air, vapor, carbon dioxide, germs and smell.

Albumen/ White

The albumen forms, in both poles of the egg, fibers of thicker mass -the chalazae- in order to sustain the yolk in the center of the egg. Composition:
• Water 85-90%
• Proteins (albumins) 12%
• Fat 0,25%
• Ash 0,6%
• Carbohydrates (mainly lactose) 0,7%
• Small quantity of lecithin, cholesterol, B vitamins and enzymes.


The yolk is almost spherical and it is surrounded by a layer of white yolk (membrane) which reaches the center and creates a white core. It has significant nutritional value.
• Water 45-51%
• Proteins 16-17%
• Fat 31-36%
• Ash 1,3%
• Carbohydrates 0,2-1,1%
The yolk is about 16 gr. and it contains large amount of high organic value albumen (16, 3%) and
• Iron, phosphorus, calcium, sulfur, vitamins (A, B, B2, B12, D).

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