Gluten free products

What is gluten?

Gluten is called the protein of soft wheat, barley and rye endosperm. It consists of gliadin and glutelin. In other words, it is the main protein of cereals. Due to gluten, the dough is flexible with fluffy texture, while it is sometimes used as flavor fortifier and protein supplement.

Gluten impacts on our health

In recent years, the unpleasant impacts of gluten in our system, from mild gastrointestinal disturbances to severe diseases,are widely debated. According to the latest clinical surveys, 10% of population in Europe suffers from gluten intolerance, while in 1% of population, celiac disease, the most severe type of intolerance, becomes apparent. Celiac disease or non-tropical sprue: It occurs in genetically predisposed people and it is an autoimmune disorder. Those who suffer from celiac disease follow a strict diet in which the consumption of gluten and gluten traces –included in several aliments-, is prohibited.

Gluten free diet

Gluten free diet

Gluten free diet is a prevailing trend in recent years, even among people who do not suffer from intolerance. The reason is the intake of lighter food which impedes contingent flatulence.A lot of cases, during a diet, combine gluten free products for weight loss.

Gluten free cereals and cereal bars, Le Petit Déjeuner.
Our company, struggling to cover every need, proceeded to the production of gluten free products. Therefore, we introduce you to gluten free Corn Flakes, crunchy, crusty corn flakes, made in accordance with the traditional recipe. Additionally, the gluten free cereal bars that are consisted of rice and corn flakes with dark chocolate and red fruits, is the best choice for you who want to have a snack with you, wherever you are.

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